“Chiselling Little Crook”

Mayor Ken Livingstone (London) said “It would actually be quite nice if the American ambassador in Britain could pay the charge that everybody else is paying and not actually try and skive out of it like some chiselling little crook.” Livingstone was referring to the London Congestion Charge on all vehicles entering the city. Perhaps it was a tactless way to put it but can someone tell me why diplomats are allowed immunity from such things as this? I’m not referring only to this specific London charge but to almost anything and anywhere– London, New York, anywhere? Just because you are a diplomat you don’t have to abide by the laws and regulations that keep the rest of us under control and avoid total societal meltdown? If the laws allw this, the laws need to be changed! I wish we had chaps like Livingstone in the U.S. who could say what they really think without having to run it by a political advisor to see how it will play in next week’s polls.


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