General Dissatisfaction

So now the generals are speaking out. General Newbold says he wishes he had spoken out earlier and refers to those who swaggeringly make the decisions to go to war but don't have to bury the results. Well said, but over three years too late. The dead are still buried. Now we can only hope that his call to the active-duty generals and military leaders will speak out before we end up in Iran. If that happens the terrorists have not only won the battle but they have won the war. 

Our only hope is that enough people (including the generals, etc.) will speak out and wake the American people up to the fact that our world will never be the same. We can, however, keep it from getting worse if we get the nutcases out of the White House.

At the very least the President AND his vice president should be censured for the lies and manipulation that got us into the war in Iraq. Rumsfeld and all other authors of the abysmally planned Iraq scenario have to be FIRED. 

A serious discussion should happen in Congress — both Senate and House — regarding restriction of presidential powers. The best thing that could happen for our country and the world at this point is that Bush and Cheney are both impeached (can a vp be impeached?). If not, go ahead, let him get in as pres. and then impeach him, too!

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