The Real Campaign

Remember the election in 2000? The one where the popular vote lost to the Supreme Court? The one where the candidate who kissed his wife on stage lost to the candidate who kissed up to corporate America?

Well, our man Al has set his sights on a higher goal, to save the world. After taking a year-long R & R (much needed, I'm sure) to reevaluate his purpose in life, Al Gore reentered the public arena, wearing not the hat of a politician, but rather the robes of earth educator. He has grown into, as Richard Cohen (Washington Post) describes, "a man at home in his role. He is master teacher, pedagogue, know-it-all, smarter than most of us, better informed and, having tried and failed to gain the presidency, he has raised his sights to save the world." Cohen's column is worth the read.  The uncomfortable part comes when you think about how things might have been. 

 Doesn't do any good, won't change a thing, so don't bother thinking about it.  What we should all bother doing now is to listen to the man.  Listen to his story of what will happen if we continue to ignore science, what will happen if we blithely ignore warning after warning on the state of our earth home.  Gives a new meaning to "homeland security." 

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