Hawking Reviews

This was my initial ‘review’ of Stephen Hawking’s 4:30 min clip on the survival of the human race 08-02-2006 by thegreatfishmanofalcatraz

‘Yes, what Dr. Stephen Hawking says isn’t new information. We’ve been aware of these issues for several years, but they continue to be topics of discussion perhaps because very little progress has been made. What Dr. Hawking is talking about isn’t just being environmentally aware or politically/socially informed – those are things we should be doing already. He’s talking about potential destruction due to human choice. It isn’t very likely that destruction would come through nature, but more through mankind’s interaction with himself and nature. We have the responsibility that as we progress through study, learning and discovery that we will use our newfound knowledge for the betterment of mankind. This is the true objective of both science and religion – which more often than naught go together. Condemnation of mankind’s flaws doesn’t bring improvement. Pro-active quests for improvement do so. We take what we know and seek to make life better for all who share this planet.’

Now five days after the initial posting of this video, I’m amazed at the number of people who posted ‘reviews’ about the video. There’s a grand total of 6381 reviews at this point. This does stand as an impressive number at first glance, but upon further examination one sees the downside of the open forum; many reviews are simply off topic and/or making statements that don’t connect in any way to what this short film is saying.

Technology has made it possible for anyone with internet access to be able to voice their opinion. This is a wonderful development. My concern is that we’ve taken this new technology and as in the past are using it as a means of tearing down, rather than building up. I read several of the reviews connected to Dr. Hawking’s video and it was sad to see the number of comments which had nothing to do with the video, but were there only to take a stab at Dr. Hawking, another review, science, religion, conservatives, liberals or whatever other party they felt like attacking. Is this the purpose behind open forums? Is this how we really solve our problems?

Open forums – the same as blogsites – are means of providing information and proposing different points of view, which should lead to constructive conversation, where all involved are working to a better understanding of the world around them, the people in that world, and themselves. We don’t all need to be professors in English, Psychology, Theory or any other field to write or say something positive and uplifting. It doesn’t take a degree to be polite or courteous or thought provoking. What it takes is a look at what the higher purpose is. It takes a person who is trying to stimulate thought and is interested in others.

It will be a wonderful day when we use the privilege of posting a review as a way of helping others understand the subject of the review and helping people become better than they were the day before.

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