Are You Ready?

The Center for American Progress Action Fund included in the August 10, 2006 Newsletter the following:

Emily Hesaltine, a 20-year-old intern for the Federation of American Scientists, took two months to single-handedly improve the Department of Homeland Security’s preparedness site, Check out her work at is a GREAT site for emergency preparedness information. It provides simple, understandable definitions of different emergency situations (e.g. Earthquakes, winter storms, pandemics, chemical attack) and gives equally understandable direction on how to identify, prepare for and respond to each situation. If you have ever wondered what a pandemic is, the definition is there. If you’ve ever wondered what to do if you are driving down the road and see a tornado forming anywhere or hear about it on the radio, instructions are there. If you are concerned about what to do in the case of a chemical threat, from either a spill or attack, instructions on how to remain safe are there.

The key to surviving an emergency is in preparedness and the ability to remain calm and to think clearly. The ReallyReady site gives us the tools to deal with the immediate situation and once the initial event is over, you can then rely on your long-term planning if necessary. That should include food and water storage that will provide for your family for periods extending beyond the 72-hour emergency status to anywhere up to a year.

For those who say that faith and God will get them through, remember that God gave you a brain when He created you and He does expect you to use it.

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