What Could Have Been

solar-system.gifThe September 18th issue of Newsweek has a thought-provoker by Jonathan Alter entitled “An Alternative September 11 History” describing post 9/11 events as they “could have been.” Who knows, perhaps this is the way events unfolded on an Earth in a parallel universe–the one through the wormhole. We always thought that the universe through the wormhole was the “evil twin” but perhaps it’s the other way around. I have it! We really are the good folks from the good Earth, but we’ve been sucked through the wormhole and have ended up on this evil mirror world where greed and hate, intolerance and fear are the underlying values rather than the compassion and openness, charity and peacefulness of our home world. Sigh. Now, how do we get back home? earth-1.jpg

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