My first festival day and I already have a blister!

Film screenings began Thursday evening so I spent the day getting to know downtown Toronto and wore a blister on my foot in the process. Although it was hot and humid it was uncomfortable only because I was hurrying. Now that I must dash between venue areas (the festival locations are in three general areas), it will be quicker to use the streetcars and subway. Utahns aren’t used to having convenient mass transit so this requires a planning shift. I could get used to this very easily, however!

Can I say that Toronto is great?! I haven’t seen very much yet but what I have seen is just plain cool. Oh yeah, it’s a big city, noisy and all that, but so far I’m loving it. I got to see a bit more than I planned because I took a wrong turn and ended up walking about a mile and a half when I only needed to go about a quarter mile. Trying to orient myself as far as place and compass direction, this morning I asked which direction looking at the street outside was west, left or right, and Geoffrey’s (the keeper of the Albert Pimblett where I’m staying) reply was “right, the lake is always to the right.” Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not sure about that logic, even if you could see the lake (Lake Ontario that is) which you can’t because it’s a ways away and things here are pretty dang flat with lots of city between here and there. Besides, on MY map, Lake Ontario is to the south, not the west! Anyway, that wasn’t where I took the wrong turn, it was later when, instead of following my trusty map, I headed out on my own. It was fine though, I saw several churches that I want to check out later since I didn’t take the camera this morning (I know, I know…) and want to stop in and visit with anyone there — maybe Sunday they’ll be open, d’ya think? This locking people away from worship during the week is always an interesting conflict with the professed word to come unto Christ (just my opinion).

Here is a brief explanation of my interest in churches and the people who are there. I want to find out how people associate spiritual experience with “place.” Most people usually say something like, “Oh no, there is no specific place where I feel closer to God; He is, after all, everywhere and anywhere.” When we continue conversing, however, more specific details rise to the surface where I pluck them off and file them away. For example, an Episcopalian pastor in New Hampshire told me that she could feel close to God anywhere. She went on, saying that when she is able to convince her drifting son to come to church with her she makes sure he visits the choir loft because “it is so beautiful and one always feels such a wonderful spirit there.” This is what I do in my spare time as I travel– go into different churches and speak with anyone I can there.

Back to Toronto and more on the Albert Pimblett’s Inn: p9050273.jpgI wasn’t kidding when I said it was the stereotypical mystery novel house. The look, feel and smell, with all the beasts on the walls, books and creakiness make it feel like something nasty is going to fall out of a closet at any moment! You would love this too! I am glad that there are other visitors who want to pay the high prices for the “theater deal” hotels and leave this little gem for the true believers. Geoffrey has a great cook, has a Jamie Oliver book up there along with thousands of old china teapots and miniature silver spoon collections. This could be the house from Psycho though, there is a picture on the wall of a woman that looks just like Geoffrey — Must be mom. By the way, Gerta is really Bertie. Don’t know how I missed that last night, must have been the exhaustion. I should’ve known though because of the way he/she kept sniffing me. (don’t you just love dogs?)

One response to “Ouch!

  1. helo laelyn,

    just dropped by to check out the latest entry in your blog…

    toronto sounds fun, I have neverbeen there but I hea it is a international melting pot of peoples and cultures.

    hope all is well with you.

    and I agree… peace is for everyone.


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