Is this a joke? The campaign news being pounced on today is that Senator Barack Obama referred to some Pennsylvanians as “bitter” that they’ve been forgotten or neglected by their government. For having made such a reference he is now paying the price — “Elitist!” shouts John McCain with disdain, “that’s not my experience,” smugly says Hillary as she smiles and shakes hands with those folks who have been paying the price for failed domestic economic policies for the last two decades (one over which Hillary’s husband called the shots).

Where’s the truth and honesty in all this? Who isn’t bitter? I’m bitter that the people of this country elected a man to be president who, with his pack of cronies, should be examined under a war criminal microscope. I’m bitter that there are millions of poor in this country who cannot get health care or many so-called basic needs because they don’t have a strong enough financial portfolio to put them in the tax-favored bracket. I’m bitter that we are in a war that should have never been engaged in, invaded and are occupying a country that had nothing to do with September 11th and have been endlessly lied to by our government about the war that never ends. I’m bitter that many of the leaders of our country have dragged us into the moral whirlpool of torture. We must, rather than merely being bitter, look forward. We must admit the bitterness that is here, realize where it has come from and move forward with the hope for change that OBAMA offers.


‘A more perfect union’ – full transcript of Senator Obama’s speech on race as prepared for delivery

Democratic National Convention, July 27, 2004


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