Endangered No Longer — Oh Wait!

This is Part I of three entries (so far) on the Endangered Species List status of the gray wolf.

For part II of the story, see “Not So Fast,” July 29, 2008.

For part III of the story, see “Wolves Back on the List,” September 30, 2008.

As you may already know, gray wolves were recently removed from the Endangered Species list. As expected, the great Wyoming hunters took immediate action to protect themselves, their herds of livestock and the deer and elk that they love to hunt and shot and killed four wolves. What a difference a day makes. Can you imagine the angst of the hunters that has built up over the last many years when those nasty wolves could just do whatever they wanted and the hunter just had to stand by and let them? Well, no longer! The delisting of the wolves meant that states took over control of the species. If you go to the article, you read that the wolves had been hanging around a state-managed elk feeding station. So, if I understand this correctly, we feed the elk so we can shoot them and then shoot the wolf who is a natural predator of and might kill the elk that we would shoot. Gotta love the logic.

Want a way to express the distaste you may feel? Friederike Kolbay offers a viable solution: “Save a wolf. Boycott Wyoming.”

Thanks, Mr. Kolbay, I think I will.

(Great site for pics and info on wolves.)


2 responses to “Endangered No Longer — Oh Wait!

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  2. This is what I think. I think that we should let wolves do what they want. I mean of course they should not attack us. But what i’m talking about, is we should let them have SOME of our chicken, not all of them. Because if two wolves from the pack come and we kill them, the rest of the pack will wait for them to retern,and so they will starve because their pack members did not come back. And the blame of all of those poor wolves deaths will be on us. I’m not saying don’t kill them because of the blame, i’m saying don’t kill them because they deserve to live. And because i’m a animal lover. I especially love wolves because they are unique.All i’m saying, is wolves don’t deserve to die,they deserve to live life to the fullest.

    My name is Myah W, and i’m standing up to the public and saying, SAVE,THE,WOLVES.!!

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