Not So Fast!

This is part II of the story.
For part I, see “Endangered No Longer — Oh Wait!” April 12, 2008.

For part III of the story, see “Wolves Back on the List,” September 30, 2008.

In response to a lawsuit filed by Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club and other environmental organizations a Federal District Court judge has reinstated the gray wolf’s endangered list status (link to the NY Times article for more information). It seems that there were many of us who were outraged by the decision earlier in the year to take them off the list. Within days of their removal from the Endangered Species List four gray wolves had been shot by Wyoming ranchers, within 61 days sixty-nine wolves had been killed and hunts scheduled for fall 2008 in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming would have allowed five hundred wolves to be killed. According to an article posted on the website for Defenders of Wildlife, Idaho’s state code would allow the killing of a wolf for “merely annoying or worrying livestock.” The State of Wyoming, as part of the plan approved by Fish and Wildlife Service, had proposed maintaining only eight breeding pairs of gray wolves instead of fifteen breeding pairs as required by the federal government.

This issue is not over; this decision can be reversed and you can be sure that the states listed above who were supported by rancher and cattleman associations and the National Rifle Association will be pushing back.

I used this photo on an earlier blogpost and decided to use it again because it is magnificent. In the first post I neglected to give credit to the photographer, Gary Kramer.

Kramer, Gary, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Image Source: Kramer, Gary, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Other links for information on wolves:

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