Thursday at the Theater

It’s after midnight, I am exhausted so I’m just putting up the bits I wrote while sitting in the theater waiting for the next film to start. It’s part catch-up and part of today.

Catch up:

Apron Strings — New Zealand

A film written and directed by New Zealand women, it examines two families, one white New Zealand, mother a bakery owner, live-in grandmother, a slug of a son and a daughter who has just left the father of her unborn child in London. The second family is equally dysfunctional, two grown, estranged Indian sisters, one a tv cook whose son is trying to connect with his Indian heritage, the other is a single, somewhat bitter Indian restaurant owner..Cultural and family issues, racism and forgiveness are important themes. Some of the relationships survive, some do not. This is a food movie as well so be prepared to eat after the film! The characters were well-developed and I wanted them to work things out. I did however feel very sad at the way they treated the grandmother. Again, a theme of mothers….


Hooked — Romania

I left right after the hooker (Ana) regained consciousness after being run over by Miha (aka “sweetie”). Miha and Mihail are having a relationship and were going for a “pickneek” when the accident happened; they thought she was dead and were going to bury her out in the woods! I left because the characters were really irritating to me and I couldn’t get interested in the story.

no stars because I didn’t watch the whole thing so I’m not qualified to rate it.

Winds of September — Taiwan

A group of boys discover the complexities of friendship as they navigate relationships with girls, teachers and choices each individual makes. A LOT of bad language, sexual situations (including masturbation) and some male nudity. I didn’t stay for this one either.
Again, no stars.

Unmistaken Child — Nepal and Tibet — Israeli director

Documentary about the search for and determination of a reincarnated master lama. We follow the former companion of the deceased lama rinpoche as he is trained how to recognize and then travels to many countries stopping in unbelievably remote villages looking for the reincarnate. When he finds the boy and makes his own determination, other high lamas test the little guy and eventually the Dalai Lama gives the final approval. Very enlightening into this process. The film illuminates the sincerity of and faith in the process. This was even more interesting to me as the film was made by an Israeli director. Fascinating and visually stunning in its setting.

More from today tomorrow….


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