End of the Festival ’08

Home again after a great TIFF. I was so exhausted, physically and emotionally from seeing so many films that I think it will take a month to get my energy back. I decided that I need to watch something that is just crazy, weird, brainless hilarious that will be the steam release for all the heavy, emotional human stories that I saw in Toronto this festival — something like Clue, Waking Ned Devine or Mars Attacks! That oughtta do it, don’t you think?

I still have a number of films to catch up on from the festival but will only do one tonight.

Plus Tard, Tu Comprendras — French

A French man searches for his Jewish heritage even as he struggles with his mother’s silence about her Jewish family and past. He becomes increasingly frustrated and isolated with her determination not to speak to him about how her parents died.  His mother does not lock out his wife and children, however, as she realizes that she is losing her health and time and knows that if she doesn’t pass the information on it will be lost forever. Her story opens like an old trunk being aired, even as she continues to keep her son shut away from the past. This is a different, very personal way of looking at the holocaust and the longlasting effects of loss on people and families.



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