Before I Forget….

I thought I could do one film a day until I have posted all films I saw at the Toronto International Film Festival but the risk is that I’ll forget details, even though I’ve taken a few notes and I don’t want that to happen. So I’ll try to do at least two a day.

Under the Tree — Indonesia (Bali)

Self discovery and reconciliation are the themes of the very different, mystical stories of three young women that are interwoven through the film. Nicely told, the stories do not connect in any way other than that each woman is coping with the demons that haunt her, some through escape, denial and rebellion, others through a yearning search for love and understanding.


The Secret of Moonacre — U.K.

A young adult (early Harry Potter’ish) fable about pride. Good story for kids and could provide a great opportunity for parents to talk to kids about pride — what is it, how does it affect the individual and how does it affect relationships. Fun and fairytale-like. Acting was a bit sketchy, unfortunately.



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