Great Doc!

Je Veux Voir — French

Excellent film documenting actress Catherine Deneuve’s trip to and through Lebanon to view the effects of the 2006 war with Israel.  Her guide from bomb-shocked Beirut through the devastated countryside is Lebanese actor Rabih Mroué.  There is a poignancy to the journey as Mroué gently shepherds Deneuve through the physical and emotional landscape.  This is as close as we can come, most of us, to the heartbreak of war without being shown images of screaming missiles, explosions and death.  We see what must have been a beautiful landscape now scarred by bomb craters and tank tracks; we see buildings where people just like us lived, worked, laughed that are now piles of shattered rubble; we see people trying to rebuild shell-shocked lives.  I won’t say that it leaves the viewer with a sense of hope, it doesn’t address the conflict, it merely shows what is left after war.  It made me ask, again, why do we do this to each other?



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