The Couric interview with Palin and McCain has provided some great insights into these two people, one of which could possibly be the leader of the free world and the other just a “heartbeat” away.

Here is Howard Kurtz (WaPo) talking about one interesting interchange between Couric and John McCain.

Sarah Palin isn’t the only one scrambling for answers. What is the difference between “talking with a voter” and “in a conversation with a group of people and talking back and forth”? Did anyone see the exchange being argued here? I’m sure there was a camera somewhere that caught the moment when Palin was either “talking with a voter” or “talking back and forth.” Send me the link, please!

A personal note to John McCain: I think you’d better talk to Sarah about her watching Obama. It is obvious to us that she is, after making some of the most unbelievably dumb campaign statements we’ve ever heard, watching Obama to get his take on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border issue. Why else would she have agreed with what he has said and contradicted you?  Two last points:  1) Do you realize that people don’t particularly care for your jokes about about your age?  We know how old you are.  2)  Your condescentious manner is not working; not toward Obama during the debate and not with Katie Couric during your Monday interview.  Lastly, John, it was NOT “gotcha journalism”, unless that is what you call it when she says something that contradicts something you have said and someone notices.


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