I have been waiting to find out the results of the the eight Republican four Democrat ethics legislative investigation by Stephen Branchflower and now it’s out. The news over the weekend is the Governor Palin abused the power of her office but that since, as Governor, she has the power to fire her Public Safety Commissioner, she didn’t do anything legally that she can be indicted for by firing Commissioner Walt Monegan. Palin has expressed relief, claiming that the report exonerates her. If she means, “Whew, I’m glad I won’t end up in jail over this,” yes, I suppose it does but we’ll see. It seems to me that there were actually three options:1) Not Guilty, 2) Guilty and legally accountable and 3) Guilty but only Ethically Accountable. The investigation found her guilty of abusing her power but she did nothing illegal.

Now it’s up to the Alaskans.

Link to Anchorage Daily News.


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