“It’s About the Acorns!”


A friend recently loaned me her dvd of the beautiful film, The Man Who Planted Trees.  How have I not seen this film before?  It is really lovely and renewed my love for trees, all trees– tall, short, droopy, majestic, ordinary– all of them.  As I happened to be babysitting my twin grandsons (five years old) the evening I brought it home, I decided that perhaps they would like it as well.  We watched, they were transfixed– it was a magical moment and upon reaching the end, I was almost afraid to disturb.  I could only say, “Oh, I do so love the trees,”  to which sweet Ian said, “It’s not about the trees, it’s about the acorns!”  He’s right, you know.  It is about the acorns.  The film is all about sowing seeds, seeds of trees, love, rejuvenation, strength and community.  Unless we have seeds, we’ll never have trees.

Oak tree -- yes, from an acorn

The film was directed by Frédéric Back and based on the book written by  Jean Giono.   A mere thirty minutes long, it was released in 1987 and won the Academy for Best Animated Short Film.  I tried to find a link to the trailer but the film itself seems to be all over the internet.  Here is a link to the film but I suggest you use this link and buy it for yourself.

It's the nut....


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