The Destruction Continues

The destruction of the rainforest isn’t the trendy, ecotopic of the day that it was in the 80s and 90s.  Many of us who were once passionately engaged in bringing awareness of the dangers of this destruction, staring into our blocky CRT monochrome monitors as we pounded out university papers, presentations and theses on dot-matrix printers, are now consumed by living in the here and now.  Most of us still care deeply about the health of the rainforest and the threats to its well-being, but realize that there are immediate environmental concerns and threats “right here in River City” that  require our involvement and voice to determine policy.

The destruction of the rainforest, with all accompanying global implications, continues however.  The infographic below that I found on Ecoevolution from Oro Verde, The Rainforest Foundation, is frightening, otherworldly and a reminder that we human beings are capable of monstrous inventions to do our stripping, ripping and gutting.  We wage war on other human beings with unmanned drones controlled from hundreds of miles away, have stealth bombers and killing machines run by computers.  We wage war on other life on earth with machines like the ones in the infographic below.

Our Mother weeps.

Unendangered species