Want to be Self-Sufficient?

(click red for your listening pleasure. The Tullymore Polka-The Witch, from Waking Ned Soundtrack)

The infographic below looks pretty intimidating — even for me and I live on a quarter acre urban lot.

Positives: My house roof is ideally situated for solar panels and I have removed much of the original lawn and replaced with productive gardening space.

Negatives: I haven’t installed the solar panels yet; my garden includes only two fruit trees, both peaches which are vulnerable to late spring freezes; I have been thinking about adding chickens but have yet to do so.

The Plan (in this order):

  1. plant two apple trees
  2. widen garden space in order to produce more vegetables
  3. research solar panels — cost is a factor!
  4. get serious about the chickens!

This will not make me completely self-sufficient, but it will get me closer to that point.

Home Solar Power Discounts – One Block Off the Grid


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