Save Bryce Canyon from Coal Mining!

Save Bryce Canyon from a proposed coal mine

More Valuable than Coal.


Bryce Canyon National Park and public lands (yours and mine) managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are under attack from the State of Utah and Strip Coal Mining!  This is the “Alton Tract Lease — a proposal to mine coal on public land adjacent to Bryce Canyon. The mine would pollute the air from hundreds of coal trucks spewing dust, endanger wildlife, dirty the water and negatively impact the local tourism economy.”

“Mining would pollute the region’s clean water and air, flood Bryce Canyon’s world-famous dark night skies with light, destroy habitats and mating grounds for sage grouse, mule deer, and kit fox, create noise disruptions, and generate toxic coal dust from hundreds of trucks.

Coal is one of the dirtiest forms of energy, one that we must move beyond. Mining it right next to one of America’s most treasured landscapes is further insult to injury.”

Sign a petition against a strip mine on BLM land proposal right outside Bryce Canyon National Park.  This is dirty coal, a STRIP Mine, right next to a national park known for its pristine air.  PLEASE SIGN!!!  PLEASE TELL THE BLM NO, DO NOT APPROVE THIS PROPOSAL!

How did we get here?:

On the same day [Utah State] Gov. Gary Herbert sat down with a coal company that complained regulators were taking too long to issue a strip-mining permit, his campaign aides were cashing a $10,000 check from the company.

The pleas from Alton Coal Development LLC did not go unanswered. According to a memo obtained by The Associated Press, state regulators at the meeting agreed to fast-track a decision approving the mine near Panguitch, despite opposition from residents. source

Bryce Canyon, We are ALL owners!


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