Governor Gary Herbert and the Hurricane Winds

For Herbert’s weather report click this link to  I guess he doesn’t think we have a long enough attention span to stay tuned for the weather.

Thank you Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah, for giving us this sweet weather report. Where have you been the last few days? Have we seen you out there in your shirt sleeves pulling trees off houses? Have we seen you helping people salvage their homes? No, like a good hobbit*, you give us a weather report in a warm, cozy fireside setting. Is there no money in it for you? I guess it’s not like the Bryce Canyon coal mine, redistricting, or public rights to the river. These people will need to spend their money fixing their houses instead of giving you campaign donations.

Utah, wake up! This man doesn’t deserve to be a Governor!

* My apologies to hobbit lovers; I chose that description for Herbert simply because Hobbits want to stay cozy, away from danger and trouble, and pretend that the “world” is a big bad place that they should avoid at all costs.



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