The “Invented” People

Lots of people have already talked about Newt Gingrich’s recent comment about Palestinians being an “invented” people. I don’t have anything new to contribute to that conversation except to highlight a nice post from  It’s a collection of photos of Palestinians before the creation of Israel in 1948. I don’t know what Newt expected to prove from his statement other than to reaffirm that he’s an obtuse chump. People aren’t invented. Descriptive terms might be, as seems to be part of Gingrich’s point, but people aren’t invented. Besides, I don’t see how pointing out that Palestinians are just Arabs disqualifies them from their land and excuses Israel’s aggressive presence and behavior toward Palestinians. It’s like calling Native Americans an invented people because they weren’t “Native Americans” or “Indians” until Europe showed up. It’s a stupid thing to say.

Photos are from Photographium, an interesting photo archive worth poking around in.

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