Congressional Holiday (shhh, let’s LOCK THE DOORS!)

Congress is leaving for the Christmas holiday!  HERE’S OUR CHANCE!

The Senate left earlier this week after passing their version of the Payroll Tax extension, thinking that the agreement with Speaker Boehner would get the bill through the House.  The Tea Party Republicans would have none of that though.  It seems that these new kids on the block think they’re really something and are going to prove it.*  Boehner says in public that their differences are with President Obama and the Democrats, but I’m not buying it anymore.  I think these House punks are in a power struggle with the Senate.  I think they are just generally out of sorts that they have to go through an election every two years and those snotty senators only have to do it every six years. At this rate, however, this present class of congressional representatives won’t have to worry about it after the next election.  We, the people, are SICK OF YOU GUYS**!

Let’s lock the doors and not let them back!

* Actually, I think they have already proven it that yes, they are indeed something  (fill in the blank) _____.

**  Do you hear what I hear??? (that would be the counting of the votes next November)


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