Winter solstice, the shortest “day” of the year, celebrated by pagans throughout human history as the beginning of the return to light.

Our world needs light, our hearts need light. Darkness surrounds us: dark thoughts, dark words, dark actions. There is light in our world also, but the focus often seems to be on the pain and harshness in the world rather than on the light — the goodness — that is all around us.

Richard Radstone writes a blog that has inspired me. Richard writes of his world and his place in it with the people he loves and has chosen to spend his life. Now I want to do a 365 project.

I will focus on one thing each day of the entire year. If anyone reading this decides to come on board, your interpretation of my daily focus is your own. Many of us initiate something similar when we make resolutions for the new year. We won’t even think about how many of those resolutions make it beyond the first week of January. I will, however, do my best. If I fail, because failure is always a possibility even when positive thinkers tell us “don’t even think about failing,” it doesn’t make me ‘bad’ person, nor does it mean that all is lost, I will simply missed one thing and will try again.

I love this tree, it looks like my life feels

Tangled but growing.





Life gets to be a tangle, going, growing this way, then that. Go to the light.

Live for the light


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