Winter in Utah

Winter Sun

by Karmen Smith

Aspens, bare, naked,

Stand clustered.


Young spruce, day friend ever close,

Short needle sleeves protecting gum-sap.


Sun, slow treks the sky trail,

Watches sleeping earth children.



Three leaves, three petals.
“See me, I live!”

Father, son;
walking, learning, loving;

Brothers — Twins.
So close.
See us, We live!

Sea and setting sun.
Beauty in and all around;

Solar Power Trends — depends on the State

Pshaw! California. It's just a state full of liberal treehuggers! - source: New York Times, 1/25/12

The graph is part of an article on solar trends in the U.S. talking mainly about California.  Pshaw! California. It’s just a state full of liberal treehuggers!

I recommend the entire web report.  On page 20, Appendix C, there is state by state data for ’09, ’10 and Cumulative Installed Capacity.  I want to do some comparison with political data — just for fun, of course, because I really loved my statistics class (fyi, that’s a joke).

Some questions for discussion:

  1. What state do you live in and what are your thoughts on your state and solar?
  2. What do you think I’ll find with my political comparison?  Shall we take bets (Do I hear $10,000 anyone?)? 

Keystone Pipeline and John Boehner: Surprise! There’s money involved.

No wonder John Boehner is all over President Obama’s decision regarding the Keystone XL pipeline!  He put money into the Canadian companies involved!

. . . according to Boehner’s financial disclosure forms, he invested $10,000 to $50,000 each in seven firms that had a stake in Canada’s oil sands, the region that produces the oil the pipeline would transport. The firms include six oil companies — BP, Canadian Natural Resources, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Devon Energy and Exxon — along with Emerson Electric, which has a contract to provide the digital automation for the first phase of a $9.4 billion Horizon Oil Sands Project in Canada.

Bill McKibben, a climate activist and co-founder of the group, wrote in an e-mail that Boehner has received more than $1 million from fossil-fuel companies, “and now we find out that he’s got extensive personal investments in companies dependent on tarsands oil.”

“He was willing to shut down the government in part to prevent enough time for serious environmental review,” McKibben added. “In any other facet of our public life . . . this whole list taken together would be seen for the gross conflict of interest that it is.”

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said in an interview that an investment adviser chooses Boehner’s financial investments. “He doesn’t have any control over day-to-day trades, so there’s no conflict of interest on this or any other investment,” Steel said of the speaker, adding that when it comes to the upcoming decision on Keystone XL, “We hope the president will do the right thing and approve the permit, and create American jobs.” — source:  Washington Post

Mr. Steel’s statement that there’s no conflict of interest because he doesn’t have control over day-to-day trades is an unbelievable rationalization of insider trading.  Tell me, who believes that Boehner didn’t know about the upcoming expansion proposal of the Keystone?  How many bridges do these believers want to buy???

Isn’t this a conflict of interest?  How about ethics violation?  How about an investigation into all this?  Someone?  Anyone?

Just one more example of corporate buying of influence, money in government.

Ocean Conservancy’s Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photo Contest

Incoming Tide, photo entry; © Tiffany Smith

Ocean Conservancy is having a photo contest and both my daughter Tiffany and my son Jonathan have entered! We would be SO happy if you would check all the photos and vote for their photos if you would like, but donations go, 100%, to Ocean Conservancy! It is a lovely thing!

Low Tide at Second Beach; © Jonathan Smith

Ocean Conservancy’s Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photo Contest.

Thanks, I love you friends!

Dear Mitt Romney, “It’s All Gone”

To commemorate the South Carolina primary, I’m dedicating this lovely music video to Mitt Romney.  Somehow I have a hard time imagining Mitt in all his mannequin-likeness being able to get a groove on, but that’s okay.  The rest of us have enough to share.  I’m guessing that Mittens doesn’t even know Chris Rea let alone considers him to be in the 1% (who knows, maybe he is!) but if not, then you know what Mitt says,  “. . .those people who have been most successful will be in the one percent….”

Enjoy possibly the greatest slide guitar solo ever!  (I actually stole that comment from a fan comment on YouTube — I happen to agree)   If this doesn’t make you want to dance, there’s just no hope for you.

( Youtube source bob19520)


A careless heart ain’t no good to no-one
I was going back my friends to see
Of what became of my childhood daydreams
Of all the things that used to be
To my surprise I stood alone
I walked a river of a waking dream
My father say ‘Know what you’re thinking’
I guess this old town seen better days

It’s all gone
Ain’t nothing for you here now
Sail on

You talk of change, something better
Cutting down that big old tree
There’s flesh and blood in there somewhere
But no matter what you just don’t seem to see
I walk your chambers, your empty halls
I see you talking behind the doors
My father say ‘Know what you’re thinking’
I guess this old town seen better days

It’s all gone
Ain’t nothing for you here now
Sail on

I’m sailing on, I’m running faster
Than I ever run before
My father say ‘Know what you’re thinking’
I guess this old town seen better days
Sail on