A Reblog of a Letter to Ann Romney

This is the very BEST response I’ve heard or read to Ann Romney’s disdainful and whiney “you people” remark. Anyone who has bought a house, gotten any kind of large credit has to show more than these people are willing to show. They have no concept of what it means to be even “an American” let alone the “President of the United States.” Attacks you say, my dear? Attacks??? How dare you claim that the citizens of the country who you say you want to be the President and First Lady of are ‘Attacking’ you! We want you to be willing to represent the very best of us if you are elected to that position and instead, you are representing coldness, exclusiveness, and a stinginess of spirit that would demean those positions. Go back to your mansion(s) and sip your postum. You do not deserve to be anywhere near the White House.

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To Ann Romney:

First off, I would like to air my contempt for two words you chose to use in a statement a few weeks back… you referred to the public as “you people.” Very bad choice of words because this shows who you are from the inside – call it a Freudian slip, or don’t call it anything and shrug it off – which is what I am sure you have done. But I did imagine quite an elaborate visual image when I heard say you that. Allow me to share…

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