More from Mitt:

“You know, I think it’s about envy. I think it’s about class warfare. When you have a president encouraging the idea of dividing America based on the 99 percent versus one percent — and those people who have been most successful will be in the one percent — you have opened up a whole new wave of approach in this country which is entirely inconsistent with the concept of one nation under God. The American people, I believe in the final analysis, will reject it.” (emphasis added)

Mitt Romney says in the one highlighted phrase how he measures success:  by how much money one makes.  Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  I am a Mormon.  This statement goes against pretty much everything the Church as an institution teaches about both success and money.  Mitt Romney tries to make himself be a man of principle, of constancy — one wife, one religion — and he’s probably right.  This statement shows where his principles and his heart really are and where they apparently have always been.

Mr. Romney is attacking President Obama, claiming that he is encouraging the 99 percent.  This shows an amazing lack of awareness of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  Romney doesn’t realize that OWS didn’t really have the support of the president until late in the game.  OWS didn’t have the support of very many politicians, regardless of political party.  Democrats were slow to take up the cause, probably because they didn’t realize how strong it would be and the depth of feeling that is at the core of the movement.  Republicans, even tea partiers, seemed to be taken a bit by surprise by the movement, but tea partiers recognized the resonance of much in the OWS movement.  Romney doesn’t seem to understand any of this.  He seems genuinely oblivious to the movement and the real reasons behind the anti-Wall Street sentiment.

Hey, Mitt Romney!!!   The Occupy Wall Street Movement was not Obama’s idea!  It was OUR idea!  The idea of the PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY!  That would be the 99%!  Now, if you can get elected by the 1%, after all, you say that “corporations are people, my friend,” I guess you’ll have worked some kind of magic.  Go for it, man, you don’t have my vote, but then, I’m not part of your 1% so I guess you don’t need me anyway.

The Daily Show and Power to the PEOPLE!

Have you read Lawrence Lessig’s book, Republic Lost?  I haven’t either, yet.  This book, however, has jumped to the top of my “must read” list.  Many of us have been blogging, talking, tumbling, etc. about the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) Movement and what it means. It sounds to me, as he talks about with Jon Stewart in the interviews below, like he has nailed it in the book.  If you have read the book, please comment below and let me know what you think.

The first segment is what was televised on The Daily Show Dec. 13, 2011; the second is the continuation of that interview, online only.  To get directly to the interviews, click on the black bars.

What is going on:  Lawrence Lessig Extended Interview Pt. 1  (06:06)

The Solution:  Lawrence Lessig Extended Interview Pt. 2 (07:25)

Am I Mad? YES!

Someone who will remain nameless posted a criticism of the Occupy Movement and those who support on that social networking site that cannot be named.  It made me stinking MAD!

Thinking People everywhere should question the American Occupy Movement, especially if they agree with the sentiments expressed by the protesters. Most of the occupiers are no doubt part of the American 99%. However on a global basis when you consider humanity as a whole, most of them are in the top 1%, or at least will be once they get into their work life.

Yes, they want the top 1% in America to shift wealth and income downward to them. But, no, they are not willing to shift their wealth, income, and privilege down to the truly needy in the third world.

They are asking of others what they are unwilling to do themselves.

Mr. FB poster, don’t you even begin to try and make this the common person’s problem!  Your post definitely shows in which category you fall, 99 or 1%, because you are trying to make me feel guilty for wanting to have a roof over my head, a job, and food on the table.  Are you suggesting that we should go without?  Will that cure the poverty problems of the world?  Your post, SIR, shows how lazy you are, how unwilling you are to upset your status quo.  Ours has already been upset by the financial greed of the corporate machine and the power drunkenness of our politicians.

The Occupy Movement is about making CHANGE! Do you ever ask why the banana farmers or diamond miners in So Africa or people in oil-exploited countries are so very poor while the leaders of many of those countries are corrupt and rich? What about the Corporations (most of them with U.S. roots) that are in those countries who keep the leaders in place so that there are no regulations, no labor laws, no environmental protections for the exploited workers? What about those Corporations, oil, agriculture, mineral extractions, etc. that keep the poor exactly where they are?   What about Chevron in the Amazon?  What about the garment workers in Saipan? What about banana farmers in the Philippines?

The Occupy Movement is about making Corporations responsible not only for how they treat us, but also about how they treat the poor of the world. It is about breaking the connection between Corporate money and buying of policy not only here but all around the world.  The Occupy Movement is about changing the SYSTEM!  If you are not willing to find out and accept what is really going on, here’s what you can do:

Selling Yourself to the Highest Corporate Bidder? There’s another name for that….

Bought by the "stars," paid for by the 99%.

Politicians have prostituted themselves to remain in power.  They (and we) might want to think that the payments are merely donations, given from the goodness of their corporate hearts*.  A corporation (or individual) has millions and millions of dollars just sitting around doing nothing.  Not paying a mortgage, not buying food, not paying the utilities to keep the lights and heat on, not buying school clothes for the kids or putting gas in the car in case we have a job and need to get to work, no, those millions and millions of bucks are just sitting there making baby millions of bucks.  For writing simplicity, I’m going to call the Corporation/Individual entity “SHI” (that’s for “she,” “he,” “it”)**, it’s just easier for me to write and for you to read (as long as you know what I mean!).

When a citizen (member of the 99%) donates to a political candidate it is usually a small amount, <$50***, so if it is noticed at all they just get a smile and a nod and are quickly forgotten.

SHI on the other hand can afford to give big bucks to a campaign (remember those millions and millions of bucks?) and can now do so anonymously so no one knows who SHI is (“This political message has been brought to you by the U.S. Supreme Court and Friends”).  It is the donations with lots of decimal points, not just the one or two that most of us can give, BIG bucks that politicians and their handlers notice and remember.  When a politician gets a donation with, say,  5 or 6 decimal points (examples:  $10,000-$900,000), I’ll just bet there’s an “oooohh, goody!” moment.  Then they’ll say something like “Oh how sweet,” “It’s lovely!” “Just what I wanted,” “You didn’t need to”, and on and on (you know what I mean).

The point is: the politician remembers that donation.  The little ones from the rest of us?  Well, I think you can figure out what they think of those.

That’s why a corporation donates to a politician.  SHI can can send a Christmas card just to say Remember me?  It’s very simple, most of us are aware that this has been going on for a very long time.  We, citizens of what we consider to be the greatest country in the world****, are soon forgotten. Whenever someone in congress (or the President) gets a crazy idea to do something for the citizens or for the good of the country as a whole (silly idea, I know) SHI can just call up or send a sweet note to friend politician — remember me?  They’re trying to____ (enter whatever word you think is appropriate — e.g. regulate, stop, restrict, etc.) me; honey,I don’t like that; I won’t be able to give you any more if you don’t stop Them.

Now SHI has refined the process to where it doesn’t even have to cost a donation!  They can simply threaten to withhold or, horrid thought, give it to the political opponent!  Now SHI gets the goodies for free!

I may be writing tongue-in-cheek, but this is serious.  I am serious.  Occupy Wall Street is serious.  This is OUR problem.   Our politicians do not have the will to stop prostituting the themselves and our government.  Therefore, as long as they live in our house, they abide by our rules.  We must lock the doors and not let them out at night (so to speak).  Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

My ideas:  We might have a chance at cleaning things up (i.e. vote incumbents out) if we vote for candidates who will write new laws:

  1. campaign finance laws that restrict corporate giving
  2. term limits for ALL (say, 12 years max. combined Senate, House, President).

What?  SHI has a heart?  Then Corporations ARE people, my friend!

**  aka the Whore(s) of Babylon — actually I think this descriptor fits both sides of this shady relationship.

*** Why so small? Because it has to be what’s left over after we pay for everything in para. 1.

**** Ever wonder what people in those other countries say about where they live?  (I’m so proud to live in the second greatest country in the world.) — yes, I’m borrowing this from Stephen Colbert….

Occupy Wall Street: Stop the Affair!

The Seducer

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is about stopping the affair between corporate interest and our government.  Let me say right in the beginning that it isn’t “Government” itself that is at fault here, as Government is like the roof and walls within which we all live.  The fault lies with the elected representatives in Washington, the politicians, that do the governing.   OWS tells us that those representatives have been having a metaphorically adulterous relationship and it MUST come to an end.

While we have been faithfully building our homes, families and communities, the politicians serving in government have been having an illicit fling with Corporate Interest, receiving the massage of campaign finance donations in return for gifts of legislated tax breaks and corporate subsidies at the expense of the 99%.   The problem ahead for these guilty partners is that OWS is breaking the sad news to the citizens of this country, much like a betrayed spouse, what is and has been going on.  We’ve been told before but didn’t really want to believe either that it was true or that it was as harmful as it is.  Now armed with the truth, we must demand accountability and a return to faithfulness.  Elected representatives are responsible for government’s pledge, much as a marriage covenant, to honor and obey the citizen, but instead have been having the equivalent of a liaison based on mutual infatuation and self-gratification with corporate interest.

To those who say “but we know these representatives, they wouldn’t do anything to hurt us, they love us” I say, STOP!    Too many times our representative attends to his/her governing business distractedly fingering a little memento in the pocket with a caressing voice in the back of their mind softly saying, “just something to help you think of me….”      We can and must have representatives who remember and honor their pledge to their constituents. We must have representatives who will be morally responsible, who have the integrity to stay away from the promises of  glittering gifts waiting behind the curtains. We are the 99%.  We elected them and will hold them accountable.

Can we stop this?  Yes!   We now stand in the living rooms of cities all around the country and say, This Must Stop!  We make our decision to either keep or divorce the unfaithful representatives in the elections.  Our government must listen because DIVORCE is an option!

To our Representatives, Senators and President:  Remember us?  We are the citizens of this country.  We elected you. We demand you keep faith with us and honor your congressional oath.  Sign pledges to this or make promises to that on your own time, not ours.  If you will not do so, WE WILL REPLACE YOU.  WE ARE THE 99%!

The 99 Percent Movement!

Think this protest movement doesn’t include you?  Think again!  Do you think the protesters are “freaks,”fringe,”radical left,” “mobs,” “anti-American?”  I’m telling you that YOU are part of the 99 Percent so be careful what you call them!

"stars" and stripes, Credit: thinkprogress.org

Although this image is pretty telling, it isn’t the whole story.

This movement is not necessarily against Wall Street, corporations, government;  it is against Wall Street influencing Supreme Court decisions and governmental policy.  It is against corporations being called “people” and being allowed to buy politicians and votes anonymously by the Supreme Court (see Citizens United) and politicians like Mitt Romney (see: “Corporations are people, my friend“).  This movement represents people from all communities, all action groups, all people who have had their voice and vote stolen by lobbyists and special interests that are buying the votes of the representatives of you, me, WE the People!  It represents all who want their representatives and senators, both state and federal, to listen to the 99 percent rather than only the 1 percent.  This movement includes Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers.  This protest is not against the government, it is for the government listening to the people and being held accountable by the people.

The corporate media, when they reluctantly give coverage to the movement at all, claim there is no coherent message or agenda.  You’ll hear and read that nobody really knows what it’s all about— is it anti-government? anti-corporate America?  Is it environmental activism, pro-jobs?  Who are these people?  Unemployed slackers? Liberals? Conservatives? Students with nothing better to do? Small business owners? Women’s and Civil rights advocates?  Who ARE these people?


That means this movement is about making OUR voices heard — even if I stand next to someone who wants something different than me, we just want our voices to be heard rather than just the 1%!  We don’t have the money to buy the votes and influence legislation (see Koch Brothers), and even if we did, we wouldn’t do it because that’s not what this country is supposed to be about!  This is a Republic.  Representatives are supposed to be making policy based on what their constituents want.

Speak up, Everyone!  Make your voices be heard, finally!  And, if you can’t attend a protest, at least support those who do!