Whose Values? – A Fine Picture –

I took this picture with my lame camera phone, but it’s still one of my favorite pictures. God bless the Utah Republicans for letting us know what our values are and where we can find them. And God bless the unknown good Samaritan who made such simple yet profound improvements to the Republican ad campaign. I’d buy that person a cookie.




I’m not titling this post “family values” because that term has been misused by many to further political aspirations which have masked the true aspiration — power. E.J. Dionne writes an op-ed in Oct. 7 Washington Post talking specifically about not only the misuse of the phrase by so-called conservatives but also the avoidance of the phrase by liberals even though, as he says, “In my experience, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between my morally conservative friends and neighbors and me [a liberal] in our attitudes toward the obligations of parenthood.”

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to me all values are family values. My religious beliefs center around the family. Our faith teaches that families can be eternal in nature and that what we do here prepares us for an eternal life after this mortality. We also believe that the eternal family extends to all people, that we are all brothers and sisters in God’s eternal family. Therefore, all values are “family” values.

I cannot support the Republican Party’s adoption of the term as their own when I see the Democrat’s espousement of values just as strongly in the policies they propose and support. The Republican claim to ownership of the term is especially abhorrent to me when I see the recent hypocrisy of House leadership (Hastert) handling of the Foley-page episode.

How will voters react when they realize the truth of this whole sordid mess? Will they continue to blindly support the party who touts themselves as the “family values” party, albeit in word only? Or, hopefully, voters, the citizens of this nation, will return to the values themselves, not simply the words, and vote for people, for individuals who should be able to articulate how they will put real values into policy. We have a host of incumbents up for reelection who have a voting history to examine. How have they voted in the past? Does that vote reflect what the citizens truly desire? If not, why vote for them again? Incumbents are the easiest of all to study. Their voting record and their supporting connections, either verbal or financial, are there showing us how they really feel and what their true concerns are tied to.

My plea to the voters is to PLEASE study this out in your own minds. Do not follow or be led blindly. Act for yourself and for what you believe.

Stop Genocide in Darfur? “No, No, We Won’t Go”

Utah Congressmen Cannon and Bishop, both Republicans, voted against increasing aid to the African Union’s peacekeeping force. To see the House roll call vote (in case you are not from Utah) click here. The purpose of the peacekeeping force is to protect and assist those who have been the victims of more horrendous atrocities than we here in our little self-righteous bubble can imagine. The vote by our representatives is something all Utahns should be ashamed of, yes, including those who profess a belief in The Book of Mormon (see Jacob 2:19). American Progress Action Fund has more.

Utah and Democrats!

Could it be true? Can you really be a good Mormon and be a registered Democrat? It appears that the leaders of the LDS Church think so. In a statement to be read over the pulpit in meetings to all U.S. LDS congregations the policy of the Church regarding political party affiliation is more clearly stated than before. Utah Republican reaction is as expected but hopefully people will actually listen to the statement and realize that they are NOT saying what has, in the past, been the understanding, that yes, that’s what they must say but we all know what they really mean….

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities