The Gallery

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3 responses to “The Gallery

  1. Oh, my. I’ve been to every place in this gallery… well, maybe not the one of the face on the door since I’m not sure where that is… but EVERY WHERE else you show. I used to be a back country guide for the Sierra Club and nearly all my trips were in Utah. And I hit the same spots in Washington you showed. Wow! Cool!!!

    • I’m so glad you like these places! I’m from Utah, grew up in the Bryce Canyon area. We just returned from a week in La Push, WA as that has been a favorite since we discovered it 20 yrs. ago. I am SO envious that you were a Sierra Club guide! Wow, how great would that be!!! The green man (my avatar) is in the cloister at the Norwich Cathedral (U.K.) — green men being one of my many interests.

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